Friday, July 27, 2012

High Five for Friday - Travel Edition

So, I posted Blog goals, and then I disappear for 2 weeks.  Such is my life these days!

Today is FRIDAY, so you know what that means!  High Five for Friday link-up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk.

Since I missed out on the past few weeks, this is more of an update post, but here's my top 5!

Charlotte and I traveled to St. Joe, MO for a family reunion this past week.  Over 50 people gathered in the family home meant lots of kiddos for Charlotte to play with.  I don't think she's ever seen so many kids in her life!

Vacations are good for 2 things!  Pool time and Sleep!  Charlotte managed to accomplish both of these things.  She had so much fun the first night, she passed out in Grandma's arms.  She's usually a very light sleeper, but this night, I was able to pick her up, change her diaper, and lay her on the floor of my cousin's room without her waking up at all!  That's a sure sign of a good night!

Traveling to the Midwest meant that I got  to eat a delicacy that we don't have here in NoVa.  Pork Tenderloin!  I like mine with lots of mustard, and pickles on the side.  You don't see any pickles on my plate, because someone decided she LOVES pickles and ATE THEM ALL!

Here's my little "Hotstuff" in the airport on the way home.  Those of you who have known me since high school should get a kick out of her shirt...  to my new friends, maybe I'll share the inside joke with you all at some point.  (I take bribes)  She did fantastic on the plane, even with our hour delay in Kansas City.  The only problem arose when we decided take off would be a good time to have a major diaper blowout!  I can tell you we rushed to the bathroom as soon as that seat belt light was off.  Airplane bathrooms are not designed for toddler diaper changes...  that's all I will say about that!

So much traveling and exposure to new things included new germs.  Charlotte came down with a nasty cold and a fever of 102 the day after we got home.   I know how I feel when I have a bad cold, so I can only imagine how she feels!  The good thing about a sick baby, is lots of baby cuddles.  She's not usually a cuddler, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts.  Cross your fingers I don't get the crud too!

So, that's pretty much what's been happening these past few weeks.  I promise, I'm getting back to my blog goals, starting Monday!  I've got lots of posts lined up, so stick around.  I promise not to leave again soon!


  1. Aww baby cuddles are the best! My baby will be a year next week and he is not into cuddling anymore : ( He's more into running around and getting into everything, lol.
    I hope Charlotte gets to feeling better and definitely hope you don't catch it too.

  2. It must be a 1 year old thing to not cuddle. Congrats on having a 1 year old! So fun!