Monday, May 10, 2010


To quote on of my favorite musicals (Jesus Christ Super Star) "once I was inspired, now I’m tired." I don't know where April went... but it has come and gone, and apparently, so did my desire to blog. I really want to keep up with this, but it seems I just got busy... with what? I don't know.

I found a new TV channel today. It's called Veria, "Your Life... naturally" maybe I'll get some inspiration from this channel. Seems it's already starting to work since I am posting this! I am not entirely sure what all this station has to offer, but so far I have been impressed. I've watched a Pilates class (yes, watched, did not participate... yet), watched a program on holistic pet care, and now I'm watching a program about a woman that cured her horrible psoriasis by changing her diet. Pretty powerful stuff if you ask me... if I could just get over the texture thing, I would totally be down for a more whole, natural, diet.

I PROMISE date night part 2 is coming! I am waiting on Bubba to help me edit the videos I want to post. By the time I post the follow up, I doubt it will be date night part 2... it may just be, "look what Lacy ate!"

I appreciate all the support I have received so far and I promise to be a better blogger!