Thursday, September 29, 2011

Baby's Drawers

Dont worry, this isn't another post about cloth diapers!

I don't know about the other parents out there, but Charlotte has an abundance of clothes.  Thanks to some friends and a very loving cousin, Charlotte has received hand-me-down clothes to last her a lifetime!

The problem we have is how to organize all her clothes.  I came across this picture on Pinterest:


The original post came from this blog:

I figured I would give it a try.  Of course I had my helper on hand!
She loves the Camera!

But I think she would rather eat it than pose!
Here are the results: 


While it is nice to see all her clothes easily, the one problem that we have run into is putting the clothes away.  Originally, I took out all the clothes and put them away at one time.  Now, when I'm putting away our weekly daily load of laundry, I have to shove and shift the clothes to get them to go in correctly.  Overall, I think this will work better when there are less clothes and larger items.  I think it will work especially well once Charlotte is able to pull out the clothes herself.  This way she'll be able to see everything and pick out what she wants to wear all by herself.  We're a few years away from that though!

Now, if only I can keep her from growing so fast... that way she will get a chance to wear all of these cute clothes!

How do you all organize your kids clothes?  Any tips on organizing different sizes at the same time...  Charlotte is currently in between 6-9 months, so I have to look at the tag everytime.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gone are the Days of Rubber Pants!

So, remember when I mentioned the store in town that was “crunchy”? Well, color me green! Charlotte can now be seen sporting some eco-friendly cloth diapers! Well, sometimes… it depends on who changed her diaper last. I am still trying to convert Bubba on the benefits on the cloth diapers, but I think all he sees is that he can’t just throw the poop in the trash can. Now, he has YET to change a poopy cloth diaper, but the time will come my friend, and let’s just hope I have my video camera on hand when it does!

My mom initially bought us the pre-folds with covers for my baby shower. These were what she used on me, and let’s be honest, they are the most cost-friendly of the cloth diaper choices. Charlotte wore them a few times, but the fit just never seemed to be right, and they were always leaking. More than likely this was an operator issue more than an issue with the actual diapers, but we quickly gave up on using the prefolds and covers, plus Bubba HATED using them. To be fair, Bubba has a lot to live up to, after all, my dad was the cloth diaper champ! Ok, 2nd place, but 1st place in my eyes!

Isn't he handsome!  Even with the 'stash!

Fast forward to our little trip into town for the class at the crunchy store. I saw a sign for a GREAT sale on the bumGenius diapers. In all my research that I did regarding cloth diapers, these diapers had the best reviews. I had 1 at home, and when I did use it, I liked it, but with only 1 to use, it really was a waste, because of all the special washing needs, etc. So, after some number crunching and discussion with Bubba we decided that we would bite the bullet and try these out. I had to promise that I would wash and stuff them, (I’m thinking I can renegotiate that term at a later time) and he promised he would use them rather than the disposable stash we have on hand. So far, I’ve held up my end of the bargain, Bubba, not as much… we’re down to our last of the disposables. I am going to try and not buy any more disposables (unless there’s a great sale), so he will HAVE to use them.

There are a few kinks we still need to work out. Like the poopy diapers… and swishing in the toilet? We’ve got a make-shift diaper pail made out of a laundry basket and a big trash bag!

Look ma! No water!

and not nearly enough diapers
Doing laundry every night kinda sucks!
I know what will be on our Christmas list this year!

Diaper Sprayer


Aren't these adorable?  I'll take 2 please!

What about you?  Have you tried cloth diapers?  What is on your wishlist for baby stuff this Christmas?